Join us for a life-changing journey…

Those of us who are doing transformation work are being called to step into a whole new level of mastery in the way we serve our clients.

The Information Age is over, and we are moving into the Age of Illumination, where the skill sets of expanded consciousness will be in high demand.

There are 3 essential skill sets you must master in order to powerfully guide your clients to the kind of change that is necessary now:

    1. Finely Tuned Emotional Perception so you can confidently navigate a depth of raw emotion that is rising to the surface in your clients’ lives.
    2. Great Story Transformation. It’s a specific change process to free your clients from their stories of limitation so they can author their own success stories.
    3. A quality of being called Empowered Presence… a kind of superpower of authority, love and courageous leadership grounded in soul connection.

When you have all 3 of these skill sets working together, you can meet any client anywhere with confidence and courage, and guide them to miraculous change. And you find yourself deeply fulfilled, doing a quality of work you’ve always dreamed of doing.

The Great Story Coaching Program:
Mastering the Art of Personal Transformation
for Profound Client Breakthroughs

Area you longing to dive into a more authentic you and discover the story your SOUL came to tell?

“Lucid Living classes and retreats have
given me tools to discover who I was meant
to be. No other course of study or
spiritual experience has resonated so clearly
with my soul or that part of me
who is earnestly human.”
~ Maryann Noble, CPCC
“I continue to be grateful for the Great Story
Coaching Program and its ability to reveal
hidden parts of myself and guide me to
understanding and healing. I can more
authentically and effectively be a stand
for understanding and healing in others.”
~ Angeline Navarra, CPCC
“LOVE THIS COURSE!! It is powerful.
I have done a lot of spiritual and personal
growth work over the years but this class is
bringing me to yet another deeper level
of my truth. Your authenticity and vulnerability
are paving the way for mine to show up…”
~ Jill Wolk, CPCC
A 3-Part Journey of Self-Discovery and Skill Mastery

Part One: Break Through to Your Great Story

The program begins with a personal transformation journey to discover your own Great Story. This phase requires the willingness to “walk your talk” and take the vulnerable journey of self-discovery you will ultimately guide your clients through. You will encounter profound personal shifts as you:

  • Resolve emotional issues you have stumbled over for years
  • Open up reservoirs of power, strength and confidence
  • Find a deeper understanding of your Soul’s journey and the unique way it has prepared you to fulfill the highest expression of your gifts
  • Redefine your relationship to the future and to the past

Part Two: Great Story Transformation Intensive

This is an intensive, skill-mastery training where you will learn advanced transformational tools, working with the Great Story Map, to meet your clients in any situation, and guide them to their own Great Story.

  • Step by step process to implement the Great Story Map
  • Develop clarity and confidence to successfully engage ALL your clients’ stories
  • Make nuanced emotional distinctions that add a depth of empathy, vulnerability and courage to take your clients deeper
  • Implement 10 specific templates and tools that will serve you in every coaching session

Part Three: Great Story Leadership Retreat

This third part is focused on embracing Empowered Presence… bringing together your personal Great Story and your skills with clients. It is a culmination of the journey, and a celebration.

  • Connect with like-minded and heart-centered coaches and practitioners with whom you’ve shared the 7-month journey
  • Embrace your Empowered Presence and make a commitment to live your personal Great Story
  • Expand the dream you hold for yourself and your work
  • Step confidently into your purpose and launch yourself as a Great Story coach or practitioner

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If you’re concerned this is just another transformation program that recycles what you already know… rest assured, this program is unlike anything you’ve done before.

Meet some of our students and listen to their experience of the program…

This Revolutionary Coach Training Program Will Change the Way You Connect With Your Clients
The Great Story Coaching Program is Recommended by Coaching Industry Leaders

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Great Story Coaching Case Studies
Coaches – Can you afford to miss this program?

This program offers a strong Return On Investment (ROI).

“Bottom line business results? My ROI is at least ten times what I paid.” – Carol Ross

Your Program Leaders

These Lucid Living Master Coaches, along with our nurturing assistant team,
will guide you through awakening your Great Story.

Earn Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units!

This course satisfies the ICF requirement for:

70 ICF Core Competency Units ($3,500 value)

15.5 Resource Development Units

This is a staggering number of credits, and more than you need for a three-year renewal!

Don’t let ANYTHING stand in the way of
living your Great Story.

And… We’ve got Bonuses!

Six 1-hour calls with a trained Great Story Mentor Coach ($2000 value)
Marketing Intensive with Sharla Jacobs of Thrive Academy ($1000 value)
Global Magic Teleseminar Series – monthly community calls with focused theme for the year. ($497 value): First 10 to sign up!

Total Value of Bonuses: $3497

This Program is an Extraordinary Value!

Part I Break Through to your Great Story ($2000 value)
Part II Great Story Transformation Intensive ($4500 value)
Part III Great Story Leadership Retreat ($2000 value)

Total Value: $8,500 plus CCE value and bonuses = $15,497

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The Great Story Coaching Program Logistics

Part One: Break Through to Your Great Story

  • 8 Module Online Course – Guides you through the 8 steps of your Breakthrough Journey
  • 26 Audio Lessons – Enjoy content-rich audios on your own schedule
  • 8 Live Group Teleclasses – Deepen your experience through live participation and coaching
  • Comprehensive Workbook – Summarizes key learning points and details homework assignments
  • Small Group Coaching Pods – Meet with fellow coaches to support your progress
  • Soul Blueprint Template
  • Victim Framework Worksheet
  • Your Unique Strengths and Powers Assessment Tool
  • Private Facebook Community – Connect with fellow participants and leaders to share your insights and wins
  • Support Team of Course Leaders, Mentors and Assistants Committed to your Breakthrough


2017 Live Call Dates:
September 5, 12, 19
October 3, 17, 31,
November 14 and 21
All calls are recorded so you can listen again and again.

Part Two: Great Story Transformation Intensive

  • 14 Module Online Course – Follows a blueprint outlining the specific skills you need to learn
  • 14 Live Training Labs – Deepen the content and practice your skills
  • Sample Coaching Demos – Listen to Master coaches modeling advanced skills and techniques
  • Robust Coaching Resource Center – Extra material to support your work with clients
  • Powerful Templates – Great Story Maps, Tiers of Emotion, Responsibility Formula and more
  • Private Facebook Community – Connect with fellow coaches and leaders for support and answers to your questions


2018 Live Call Dates:
January 9, 16, 23,
February 6, 13, 20, 27
March 6, 13, 20, 27
April 3, 10, 17
All calls are recorded so you can listen again and again.

Part Three: Great Story Leadership Retreat

Program Delivery: We deliver this part of the program as a 3-and-a-half-day retreat in Northern California, April 26-29, 2018.

Live event experience includes experiential exercises, meditation, coaching practice and supervision. We host an opening night reception and a Sunday group lunch.

We offer a recorded version if you cannot attend in person.

Industry Leaders Rave about the Great Story Coaching Program!
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We are eager to support you. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding this program.

A Personal Note from Leza and Jeanine

Dear Friends,

We look forward to getting to know you and sharing this magical journey.

We leave you with this thought:

If you really want to live your personal Great Story, and you want to serve your clients at the deepest possible level, this is the program you are looking for.

Please take advantage of this offer.

To Your Great Story,

Leza and Jeanine